The Plaza Bazaar

The plaza bazaar is a series of real-life events that happens at the plaza daily. In today’s episode, the theme is: things may just be what it seems

“Hello Dear. Can I talk to you?”

I turned to see which human being had the guts to pull me out of my reverie. Couldn’t he see it was raining? Did he even care?

He was a ‘youngish’ looking man probably in his early thirties. A slightly oversized suit hid his lanky frame and a rainbow tie yelled ‘I don’t belong here.’ I wanted to smile politely at him but I couldn’t seem to bring myself to. My ride was 20 minutes late and so I was stuck in the rain at the plaza of all places. So my scowl was hard to replace with anything else.

The man continued.

“I’m a graduate of Uniport. I base in Port Harcourt. I came around to see my brother.”

Alarm bells began to go off in my head. Wait for o… Why was this absolute stranger telling me his life story?

          “Merely looking at you, you’re a very responsible young girl. I want to be your friend.”

          I wanted to be annoyed. I really wanted to be annoyed but it was all so funny. I could in the end only muster a chuckle.

‘See me see case o.’ I thought to myself. ‘What did I do to deserve this one this rainy Friday evening?’  I mumbled under my breath, unwilling to say anything to him yet.

          “Are you a born-again Christian?” He asked, looking at me wistfully, expecting a reply.

          “Yes.” I finally said. My first words to him.

          “Why do you ask?”

          “Well, I want a serious relationship. A very serious one. And I don’t want an unbeliever.”

          My mouth dropped slightly in shock. Did he just say what I heard him say?

          “Is that so?” I asked, a little mockingly.

          “Yes, dear. My church does not encourage ungodly relationships.”

          “Didn’t I just meet this guy ten minutes ago?” I wondered.

          “If you don’t mind dear, just follow me to that business center there. My brother owns that typing and photocopies place there. I want to introduce you to my brother.”

          ‘God punish you there… 419!’ I almost exclaimed.

 Such was my anger. Did he really think I was that naïve? I kept my cool though. He wasn’t the only one that could play the game. Masking my anger, my face bore one of delight and vulnerability. I looked like a locked-up princess who just met her knight in shining armor.

          “I’m a member of RCCG dear,” I said, adopting the nickname he had been using for me all evening.

          “We also don’t encourage ungodly relationships. So if you really want me like you say you do, then you need to talk to my pastor.” As I spoke, I rummaged in my bag for my phone. The plaza bazaar

          “There are a few things you have to do before I can even agree to you or meet your brother.” I continued, stretching my small phone to him. This was the plaza. I wasn’t going to risk my smartphone.

“Ehmm… See… Ehmm…” He began to stammer. The unbridled confidence he had shown before was now all but gone. I couldn’t believe it took so little to unsettle him.

Just then, my ride arrived. All the restraint I had used in dealing with him seemed to evaporate as the car stopped beside me.

“God punish you. 419 like you. You no go find better work do. Na to dey waka around dey…” I was so angry my words got stuck in my throat. I almost coughed. The plaza bazaar

I didn’t know any of what I said to be true. He may have been sincere. He may have just been nervous at the end. I didn’t much care. I was angry and it was his fault. That’s all I cared about. To hell with his true intentions.

“See me eh… I too be PH babe.” I retorted as I entered the waiting car. The driver, my brother, couldn’t help but chuckle. He didn’t know what was happening. He just knew that it was funny.

Rolling down the side window, I looked at him. I couldn’t help myself. I just had to get in one last punch.

“Next time eh, look face before you start that rubbish.”

I hissed as the car pulled away. The man in the oversized grey suit was left in the now pouring rain. A confused look made him look worse than the loser he was.

I looked back at him feeling like the worst Christian that ever walked the earth.

The plaza bazaar

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