10 best foods for your heart

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Best foods for your heart, the heart performs a never ending action of pumping blood to every part of our body. It seems that it never rests except for the tenth of a second when it is beating. This makes taking good care of the heart inevitable.

best foods for your heart

This article contains the best foods for your heart for optimal functioning of the most important organ in our body. Statistically proven or not, I believe the heart to be the most important organ because it keeps every other part of the body alive and functioning.

No matter how healthy every part of the body is, the moment our hearts stop beating, every other thing shuts down. The heart is our power house and knowing the best foods for your heart is just as important as the heart itself.

Best foods for your heart

A diet based on fruits, oil-bearing nuts, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains simply prepared gives the best result for heart attack prevention. Fruits and vegetables must form the base of a heart healthy diet.

After suffering a heart attack a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is highly recommended due to their antioxidant action which reduces nerosis. Fruits and vegetables are the best foods for our hearts and just what it needs to function at its best.

Below is a list of the few of the best foods for your heart


Most common legume is peas. If you happened to be among the kids that carefully separated peas from other food to avoid eating them, there is still time to give these little seeds another try.

Eat a minimum of two of two or three portions of legumes a week.

Legumes have everything necessary to be a heart healthy diet because they contain zinc, folates and fiber, they also provide significant amounts of provitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin E, and magnesium.

Most importantly it is one of the best foods for the heart because they contain very low to no fat and sodium, two substances that are antagonistic to coronary health if consumed in excess.


These are one of the best foods for your heart because they contain vitamins and so have high anti-oxidants. Calcium, provitamin A, vitamin C, rich content of calcium and low content of sodium is what makes vegetables a healthy heart diet.

Eat at least one fresh vegetable salad a day dressed with olive or seed oil


They are rich in potassium and calcium which are essential for cardiac contraction. They do not contain sodium and saturated fat which are the two major enemies of the heart.

They provide energy in the form of simple sugars that the heart muscles uses to contract. Although the primary sources of energy for the hearts are fatty acids, it also utilizes glucose.


Also known as custard apple, Anona, sherbet-fruit.  For some, it has a strawberry flavor, for others it tastes like pineapple, and to some a pear or banner. Its flavor is really hard to describe to one who hasn’t experienced it. Let’s jump right into why it is one of the best foods for your heart.

best foods for your heart

It is proficient in the B group vitamins, a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium. They also contain vegetable fiber, are diuretic, rich in potassium, and are very low in sodium and fat, which meets the requisites of a heart-healthy food. Additionally, they contain a certain amount of calcium, a necessary mineral to regulate the heartbeat.


Also known as Asparagus broccoli, Calabrese. Among all the cabbages, broccoli stands out as among the richest in proteins, calcium, provitamin A(beta carotene), and vitamin C. it is also rich in potassium and low in Sodium. It contains anticarcinogenic sulfurated phytochemical.

Broccoli is one of the best foods for the heart, due to its optimal potassium/sodium balance. It promotes the elimination of excess liquid retained in the tissues (edema), operating as a decongestive to the circulatory system and the heart.

Macadamia – A heart friendly nut

Macadamia is one of the healthy foods for your heart because they are good sources of calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1 and B2, and niacin. They also provide antioxidant polyphenol flavanoids that prevent arteriosclerosis.

best foods for your heart
Macadamia nut

Macadamias and their oil are heart-friendly foods because of the characteristics of their fats, which lower cholesterol and improve blood circulation through the coronary arteries.

Onion as one of the best foods for your heart

Onions prevents arteriosclerosis, improves the fluidity of the blood and improves blood flow through the coronary arteries.

Whole grain bread and pasta

Eat whole grain bread and pasta instead of processed white bread and refined faster which are enemies of the heart.



best foods for your heart

The Soursop is antringent, cholagogic (promotes bile discharge), and promotes digestion. It is recommended in cases of constipation, hypertension, coronary disease and diabetes.


Peach contains virtually no sodium or fat which makes it one of the best foods for your heart.

The above are some of the best foods for the heart. There is actually a long list of best foods for your heart, such that remembering them may get overwhelming. So I made a summary of what you should do to maintain a healthy heart. They are what I call a heart-healthy which includes;

  • Eat at least five portions of fresh fruit a day.
  • Eat a minimum of two or three portions of legumes a week.
  • Eat at least one fresh vegetable salad a day dressed with olive or seed oil.
  • Reduce salt and sugar consumption
  • Eat whole grain bread and pasta instead of white bread and processed pasta.
  • Perform physical exercise for at least 40 minutes three times a week.
  • Avoid tobacco and coffee

And that is about it for a heart healthy diet in this article. Also read

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